[AG-TECH] Connecting Polycom or Net Meeting to Virtual Venue

Vikram Gazula gazula at ccs.uky.edu
Mon Nov 5 08:47:24 CST 2001

We tested it for a conference we had last month and it did work out pretty
good. The only sacrifice you will have to do is drop back to 8kHz for

The instructions needed to make changes to rat settings are located at


On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, James Miller wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with this?  I have been looking on www.vrvs.org,
> and it seems if you register your H.323 node there, you can schedule a VRVS
> meeting room to coincide with your Virtual Venue meeting and link the 2
> rooms.  Is anything else needed?  Sounds pretty simple if it works.
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