[AG-TECH] Installation questions

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at ndsu.nodak.edu
Fri Nov 16 16:38:32 CST 2001

   NDSU is building a new research building (it is a North research
park here rather than srp ;-).  We are looking at configuring one of
the conference rooms (it is round!) for possible future access grid

   I had a couple questions.  Right now it looks like they will put in
a flat 18' screen (e.g. walltalker type) on one side of the circle
(the room is about 28' in diameter).  But they had talked about 
putting in a curved screen (it would have a 30' RADIUS so would not
be as curved as the room but intersect the room walls at the ends
of the screen).  I explained I thought it would be difficult to
align three projectors without strange "pin cushion" distortion 
but if anyone has done this or looked at doing it please let me
know.  I haven't looked at projector specs yet to see if this
correction is included in any of the higher priced models. ;-)

   Secondly, we'd like to plan for some flexibility in using the
mounted projectors for other uses of the room.  Most projectors
now have two VGA inputs so it would be simple enough to use one
for the AG stuff and run the other one to a wall plate in the
front of the room.  But there is also a circular table "floating"
in the middle of the room and they'd like capability to connect a
laptop from there.  Have any of you made up any sort of vga 
"patch panel" where these 2nd VGA connections to the projectors
could be located (female panel mounted plug) and then the various
connection points in the room could be plugged into whichever 
projector to be used?  I'm sort of worried about signal loss,
dependability, "sightliness" (this is to be a premier facility
of course! ;-).  If you have any pointers please let me know.

    Thanks.  Marty

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