[AG-TECH] Display system - Millennium G400 DualHead MAX

Jeff W. Boote boote at ucar.edu
Mon May 7 18:49:30 CDT 2001

Which driver version is everyone using for this card?  (Is anyone using this
card?) I'm having a terrible time getting this card to work properly.  I have
tried 3 different versions of the drivers and none of them have worked properly.

If I use the matrox uninstall program, the next time I boot up and install the
drivers everything works exactly as it should.  Until... I reboot the system,
and it comes back with an 800x600 16 color display with no options to change the
resolution and no options for the DualHead in the "Advanced" menu. It still
claims to be using the same driver, and if I tell windows to "upgrade" the
driver it says that it is already using that version, and asks if I want to
re-install it.

If it matters, I'm using a Via Apollo chipset tyan tiger133 motherboard. I did
install the 4in1 drivers to make AGP work, so that shouldn't be it...

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