[AG-TECH] Dell and WinTV problems

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon May 7 15:27:50 CDT 2001

For those who have Dell and WinTV problems, check this out. Ivan found the 
following info from the Hauppauge website:


If you have success with this, please let us know.


Issues with installing WinTV on DELL systems?
We have found some Resource Allocation and Plug-n-Play issues on certain 
Dell systems when installing the WinTV card.
Some installation problems may include: failure to recognize the WinTV card 
after initial installation, invalid resources assigned to WinTV (ie. IRQ 
0), and being unable to reassign resources to the WinTV card.
For DELL 8100 systems experiencing these problems, please download this 
file HERE. Save the ICH2_Bridge_fix.reg file to your desktop. Double click 
on this file to add the information to the registry, and reboot the system. 
This should correct the problem for Dell 8100 systems.
In most cases, a BIOS flash from Dell may correct these problems. We have 
found this to be true on the following Dell systems:
·       Optiplex 110
·       Optiplex 300
·       Dimension 4100
·       Dimension 8100
·       (and a few other unconfirmed models at this time)
BIOS downloads, information, and support would need to be provided by Dell.
NOTE: In some cases the BIOS would need to be upgraded, but in others, the 
BIOS would have to go back a version. BIOS version A02 seems to work the 
best. We have found in some cases with the 8100 series that reverting from 
A02 to A01 BIOS version is necessary, and in other models with newer 
BIOS'(A05, etc.), that reverting to A02 BIOS may address the problem.
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