[AG-TECH] More connectivity problems

Chris Geddings cegeddin at colltech.com
Thu May 3 08:51:11 CDT 2001

We are having issues with communications on the Access Grid, and 
having a great amount of difficulty tracking down the source of the 

A few weeks back we were able to receive, but unable to send multicast
traffic.   A filter was discovered by our upstream provider that, when
fixed, removed our problem.  We were fine for a few days until we
started having a different sort of problem.  Now, our entry in the
beacon (atr.jnj.com), varies between a 70-99 percent loss.  Receiving
is mostly okay, but has rather erratic reporting there as well.  When
running rat, it appears that the receiving ends are losing about 50 to
70 percent.  When I have gotten another party on
the grid on at the same time to testing, they have verified that my
audio is choppy and almost completely unintelligible, and that my
video feed looks pretty awful as well.

Receiving audio and video appears mostly okay, what little bit of
weirdness is there is not enough to attribute to anything beyond
normal internet loss.

We have now introduced a pix firewall into our layout, and have the
same problems as before the pix was introduced.

Any advice on where to start looking for problems on my end, or what
to suggest to our upstream provider?


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