[AG-TECH] Hardware news - towards a single machine node

Todd Needham toddn at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 30 16:14:12 CST 2001

Given discussions regarding CPU requirements for a single machine node,
thought you might like to know I saw a pre-production dual P4 (1.7GHz
Foster) from Dell today: 64 & 32 bit PCI buses, built-in 1394, onboard
fast Ethernet.  The real news is that they expect to start shipping
these in May with a reasonable starting configuration under $4K.
Needless to say, 4 cameras and all those video streams are not going to
be an issue.


We also had discussions with Viewcast/Osprey about getting P4-optimized
drivers for their capture cards and we're following up separately with
their development team next week.  It would still be nice to get all of
this running on a single proc P4 to keep the cost down even further.


Todd Needham

Manager, Research Programs Group

Microsoft Research




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