[AG-TECH] showing SGI VR on AG

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Wed Mar 28 10:35:59 CST 2001

Tom Coffin wrote:
> display in full simulator mono mode on the sgi
> then send the screen through a computer to video
> scan converter into the vic card
> At 12:21 PM 3/13/01 -0500, Robert Putnam wrote:
>    >[Submitted earlier to Faq-O-Matic] I am running a VR application on an
>    >SGI. How do you recommend capturing the display to make it an AG-viewable
>    >video stream?
>    >

as a test, I'm experimenting with the video out of my GeoForceMX
directly to the framegrabber, within the same Windows box. No needs
for a scan-converter. It works quite ok (but at the resolution of
or max 800x600). But everything running on the same machine, it's a bit
just : VR-like application under windows, frame grabber, and Vic/Rat !
For PowerPoint, it's nice.

Luc Renambot
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