[AG-TECH] EXPERIENTIAL E-COMMERCE: 3D Visualizations, Product Simulations, Embodied Agents, and Virtual Environments

Petrina Er erpetrin at msu.edu
Tue Mar 27 12:49:23 CST 2001

				Call for Participation
    3-D Visualizations, Product Simulations, Embodied Agents,
    and Virtual Environments
						Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center
						East Lansing, Michigan, USA
						September 27-29, 2001

The next generation of E-Commerce sites is about to break. Help decide the
future of E-Commerce at this ground-breaking meeting. The conference will
bring together researchers, designers, and executives who will define the
new shape of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Consumers learn about products through direct experience such as inspection
or trial and indirect experience such as advertising or word of mouth. 3D
visualizations, product simulations, and advanced interactivity provide
consumers with a new type of mediated experience--virtual experience.
Virtual experience is a set of psychological and emotional states that
consumers undergo when they interact with products or embodied agents in
consumption simulations and virtual environments. User experience can be
stimulated, framed, annotated, and contextualized in virtual environments in
a way that is not feasible in physical environments. This conference will be
the first to focus on exploring virtual experiences in highly interactive,
3D e-commerce virtual environments. It will cover many aspects of consumer
experience with product simulations and e-commerce embodied agents. Among
the themes of the conference are:

* Conceptualization and operationalization of virtual experience
* Comparisons of direct, indirect, and virtual experience
* Roles of virtual experience in consumer decision-making
* 3D site design and human computer interaction
* Classifications of products and consumer experience
* Product search and experience attributes
* Contextualization of products and consumer learning
* Product narrative environments
* Simulated social aspects of shopping experience
* Application of embodied agents in e-commerce Web sites
* Virtual experience, presence, and persuasion in 3D environments
* Measurement of consumer behavior in virtual environments and simulations.
* Technological and design issues of 3D e-commerce Web sites and embodied
* The future of experiential e-commerce

The 3-day conference will consist of juried papers, special topic panels,
and training workshops.


You are invited to submit papers relevant to any aspect of experiential
e-commerce (theory, methods, application reports, or vision statements) in
consideration for presentation at the conference and publication in the
Proceedings. Publication in the proceedings will not preclude publication of
related articles in academic journals.

Submissions may be in one of two forms: 1) extended abstracts, 2) complete
papers. Abstracts are due May 15, 2001. For abstract submissions, complete
papers must be turned in by August 1, 2001.


You are invited to submit proposals for special topics panels designed to
offer information and dialogue on topics of importance to experiential
e-commerce. A submission must include the following:

1) Clear rationale for addressing the topic over an entire meeting period
(75 minutes) and through contributions from several presenters
2) The value of the session to conference attendees
3) Names, affiliations, and specific roles of all participants

Proposals for special topic panels are due April 15, 2001.

Submissions should be sent to the Program Chairs, Dr. Hairong Li of Michigan
State University (hairong at msu.edu) or Dr. Prabu David of Ohio State
University (david.15 at osu.edu) via e-mail. A Word file containing your entire
manuscript is preferred.


Two one-day workshops will be offered in a computing facility on September
28 and 29, following the paper sessions. Trainers from e-commerce
visualization software venders will teach the workshops. These workshops
will provide opportunities to get hands-on experience with a variety of
software systems used in the development, operation, and maintenance of
high-value 3D e-commerce sites.

Inquiries about the workshops should be addressed to the Workshop Chair, Dr.
Steve Edwards of Michigan State University via e-mail (steve at msu.edu).


The beautiful Kellogg Center (http://www.hfs.msu.edu/kellogg) is situated by
the river and woods of Michigan State University campus in East Lansing,
Michigan. The site is conveniently located in the heart of North America’s
industrial and retail core. Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Indianapolis, and
Cleveland are among the nearby major commercial and industrial cities. All
are within easy driving distance, or are a short flight or train ride away.


Information about the conference sponsors, organizers and invited speakers
as well as registration fees and hotel reservation is available online at


This conference is one of the Networked Minds Series, organized by the Mind
Labs of Michigan State University and Ohio State University with the
cooperation of CyberEdge Information Services, Inc.

·	Office of the Provost, Michigan State University
·	Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Michigan State University
·	MSU Foundation
·	The M.I.N.D. Lab, Michigan State University
·	The M.I.N.D. Lab, Ohio State University
·	Department of Advertising, Michigan State University
·	CyberEdge Information Services, Inc.


Experiential E-Commerce is the first conference dedicated to exploring the
future of simulation in commerce. This will be a fabulous opportunity for
you to meet the people who will be your customers and staff in the near
future. The excellent facilities at the Kellogg Center include plenty of
clean power, high ceilings, broadband data lines, telephone lines, and
excellent accessibility. In addition,the Experiential E-Commerce conference
will be supported by extensive advertising, public relations efforts,
on-line marketing, and other efforts. There will be no better opportunity in
2001 to meet and form relationships with the people who are creating the
future of e-commerce.

Marketing opportunities at Experiential E-Commerce include:
·	Exhibit space
·	Conference sponsorships
·	Workshop leadership
·	Program Advertising
·	Special Event Sponsorships

To guarantee your place in this vanguard event, contact the Exhibits and
Marketing Chair, Ben Delaney at: ben at cyberedge.com, 212 358-7800. Call
today - Space is limited.

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