[AG-TECH] well its official

Barbara A. Kucera bkucera at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 27 11:19:09 CST 2001

That's great!  Thanks for passing along this bit of info.


At 10:32 AM 03/27/2001 -0600, Mary Fritsch wrote:
>The Access Grid is booked solid for Wednesday, March 28.  It is a first at 
>least for me (scheduling wise).  Obviously the lobby is still 
>accessible.  This is just an FYI of the AG growing by leaps and bounds, 
>plus interest and usage.
>Mary Fritsch
>Wednesday, March 28
>Start time: 14:00 UTC
>8:00am Central/9:00 Eastern [AG Testing]
>9:00am-3:00pm Central/10:00am-4:00pm Eastern [Lecture]
>3:00pm-4:00pm Central/4:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern [Lab]
>Leslie Southern, leslie at osc.edu
>virtual venue - Lucky Lab
>Parallel Programming with MPI Workshop.  Participants are OSC, AHPCC, BU, 
>KU, NCSA, NDSU, UKy, and Dartmouth.
>Wednesday, March 28
>1500-1700 UTC
>9:00am-11:00am Central/ 10:00am-12:00pm Eastern
>Tom Coffin, tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
>virtual venue ­ Full Sail
>Immersive Demonstration and Presentation of Large-Scale Simulated 
>Earthquake Ground-Motion and Building Response
>Wednesday, March 28
>1530 UTC
>Barbara Kucera
>virtual venue - Big Horn
>Meeting of the Global Constellation Sites Organizing Committee.
>Wednesday, March 28
>2:30pm Central/3:30pm Eastern
>Vikram Gazula, University of Kentucky, gazula at mailhost.ccs.uky.edu
>virtual venue ­ Windmer
>Keh-Fei Liu, UK Department of Physics & Astronomy
>"Noisy Monte Carlo Algorithm"
>Abstract available 
>here:  http://www.ccs.uky.edu/ccs/profiles/Spring01/wed/wed.htmlWednesday
>Wednesday, March 28
>2100-0200 UTC
>3:00pm-8:00pm Central
>Don Morton, morton at cs.umt.edu, (406) 243-4975
>virtual venue ­ Bridgeport
>AG used by Arctic Region Supercomputing Centre and U. Montana Missoula 
>(and others) for SC Global, AGN courses, etc. planning meetings.
>Wednesday, March 28
>0000-0200 UTC
>6:00pm-8:00pm Central/5:00pm-7:00pm Mountain
>Jeff Shuckra, jshuckra at ahpcc.unm.edu, 505-277-9543
>virtual venue ­ Jack Frost
>AG demonstration at MHPCC.

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