[AG-TECH] .vic.tcl documentation

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 26 15:27:18 CST 2001

Did you start the OSS drivers with soundon or oss-sound?

What does

         cat /dev/sndstat



At 02:23 PM 3/26/2001 -0700, Gary Orser wrote:
>on agvideo
>./reflector 10000 10001
>on agaudio, trying to use the reflector to debug my audio problems
>and I keep getting
>rat -allow_loopback agvideo/10000
>audio_read: Resource temporarily unavailable
>??? What's this ^^^^
>oss driver is installed and xmms sends audio to the gentner speaker
>Cheers, Gary
>Gary Orser , (406) 994-6451, orser at nervana.montana.edu
>Montana State University
>Center for Computational Biology
>1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

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