[AG-TECH] Matrox G450 linux problems

Bob Huebert huebert at arsc.edu
Mon Mar 26 13:15:00 CST 2001

Why not try two video cards - one for each display? It might even be 
a less expensive solution.  I've got a TNT2 based card (agp) sitting 
alongside an older ATI aiwp (pci). Both work fine with Xfree4.0. This 
is my home machine - not our AGN.


At 11:00 AM -0700 3/26/01, John A. Greenfield wrote:
>Has anyone else had problems with the linux install on some Matrox G450
>Dual haed cards ? Some cards seem to work fine, others seem to hang the
>graphics install mode and always hang X after a text mode install.
>Does anyone have fixes for this ?
>John Greenfield
>green at ahpcc.unm.edu
>University of New Mexico
>Office # 505-277-8249
>Direct # 505-277-9545
>Fax #    505-277-8235

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