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Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 26 12:08:36 CST 2001


Please reserve Full Sail for this wednesday
3/28 at 10:00am-12noon eastern time
(1500-1700 UTC)
Immersive Demonstration and Presentation
of Large-Scale Simulated Earthquake Ground-Motion
and Building Response

An NSF ERC connectivity grant has brought together a diverse group of
researchers from Mississippi State University (Michael Stokes) , the
University of California Berkeley (Greg Fenves), and Carnegie Mellon
University (Jacobo Bielak) to couple earthquake ground motion with the
structural response of man-made structures. The ultimate goal of the SPUR
(Seismic Performance of Urban Regions) grant is to predict the survivability
of large scale infrastructure over a complete urban region to aid in
disaster recovery and mitigation. The demonstration and presentation is to
explore the progress to date of computational earthquake science and its
dissemination and interpretation using Internet based Web Portal technology
and immersive visualization.

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