[AG-TECH] Bridgeport Room Reservations / Time standards

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Mar 20 20:24:57 CST 2001


I will post your dates tomorrow with your UTC time and a transitional note 
of  (i.e. 27 March 8pm - 28 March 3pm (am I even close here))

I hoped to deal with UTC when the software for an AG calendar was in 
place.  I will work with AG techs here at ANL to get this in place on our 
current schedule/website.

Mary Fritsch

At 06:29 PM 3/20/2001 -0800, Don Morton wrote:
>Hello, may I please reserve the Bridgeport Room for 2100-0200 UTC
>on the following Wednesdays:
>28 March, 4 April, 11 April, 18 April, 2 May, 9 May, 30 May.
>This will be used by Arctic Region Supercomputing Centre and U.
>Montana Missoula (and others) for SC Global, AGN courses, etc.
>planning meetings.
>At this time, I'd like to make the humble recommendation that we
>start using UTC (also known as GMT or Zulu) as a common time
>reference for AGN activities.  As a non-Easterner who deals
>with Alaska collaborators, I've found it quite confusing to
>figure out when rooms are available, having to convert between
>Eastern or Central time, Mountain time, and Alaska time.  My
>guess is that once there are active international sites, this
>will become impossible (or, at the very least, quite error-prone).
>With a common UTC standard, everybody only needs to understand THEIR
>relation to the standard.  For those of you in North America, if you're
>on Standard time, the conversion to UTC is
>EST: + 5 hours
>CST: + 6 hours
>MST: + 7 hours
>PST: + 8 hours
>AST: + 9 hours
>Once you go to Daylight Time, you subtract one from the above.  So,
>considering that not everybody switches to daylight time, UTC becomes
>even more convenient - we all only need to know OUR relationship to the
>UTC standard.
>So, just to be stubborn, I think I'll continue to make my reservations in
>UTC, hoping I don't get kicked off the Access Grid :)  An additional benefit
>is that when you fly to England or Portugal, you'll have a much easier
>time making these conversions :)
>Don Morton                     http://www.cs.umt.edu/u/morton/
>Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
>Missoula, MT 59812 | Voice (406) 243-4975 | Fax (406) 243-5139

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