[AG-TECH] Help on Beaconviewer

Tony Rimovsky tony at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 9 16:24:57 CST 2001

This appears to be related to a scaling problem that the DAST team is
looking at.  

Right after the AG retreat, I was looking at this.  I could set up an
independant server with a few clients and it works fine.  With the AG
server, viewer client requests work for a few seconds after restart,
and then nothing (IIRC, the server doesn't send any response to
requests.  It was either that, or the server sent back an empty
packet, I'm not sure which off hand.)

Getting this service runing again is important.  It provides a path
for archiving muliticast connectivity data over time.  However, I
haven't emphasised it with DAST because the memory problem they are
trying to track down is more important overall.

On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 12:34:21PM -0600, Ravikiran Madduri wrote:
> Hi
> My name is Ravi K Madduri.Iam working with Dr.Hood in IIT.We are planning
> to have a AG node in IIT.But I have some problems running the beacon
> Viewer program.Whenever i run the viewer in the following way:
> java BeaconViewer -group -port 56464 -server
> beaconserver.accessgrid.org -serverport 9998 -interval 30 -verbose I get
> the following error in GUI Server reply error and in the command window I
> get ClientRecvSessionName error:
> I would greatly appreciate if some one helps me out 
> Ravikiran

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