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>Subject: New Draft - RTCP for SSM
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>Please find a new draft available online at:-
>This is a proposal for the adaption of RTCP to operate in a Source
>Specific Multicast Session where there is no 'many to many'
>communication for which the protocol was originally designed. This is my
>first shot at writing drafts, so I suspect there are a number
>innaccuracies! However, the main points which are being proposed are:-
>- Receivers unicast reports to the source/sender in the session.
>- The source is responsible for distributing the reports on the SSM RTCP
>channel to ensure the scaling algorithm still works.
>- The source has 2 options for distributing the data. The first is a
>Sender Report in which the Report Blocks correspond to the individual
>reports from the receivers. Since the source is the only member
>generating SRs, I think this should be fairly clear to the receivers.
>The second is a proposed new packet format named Sender Summary Report
>(SSR) in which the redundant Timestamp information is removed to enable
>less packet size overhead.
>I would appreciate comments and feedback on the draft. My personal
>reason for pushing ahead with this is that I am working on Multicast
>Network Monitoring tools, and RTCP data is a key part in providing
>information. I want to be able to retrieve that information in Source
>Specific Multicast sessions as well.
>Many Thanks,
>Julian Chesterfield
>AT&T Labs Research,
>Menlo Park,

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