[AG-TECH] [Fwd: Test Cruise for March MPI Workshop (3/5/2001)]

Leslie Southern leslie at osc.edu
Thu Mar 1 15:52:25 CST 2001

Please schedule Lucky Lab for Monday March 5th at 3p Eastern. This is
for a test cruise for March MPI workshop.

Leslie Southern

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Subject: Test Cruise for March MPI Workshop (3/5/2001)
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Monday, March 5 3:00p (Eastern)
Lucky Labrador Virtual Venue

The meeting is mostly for node operators, but others are welcome to
attend. Hopefully all sites participating in the workshop will attend
cruise. The cruise should only last about 30 mins.

1. Test vnc software:
    - http://www.osc.edu/~sessanna/MPIWorkshop/MPIWorkshop.zip
       or if you already have the vnc software
    - http://www.osc.edu/~sessanna/MPIWorkshop/vncclient.bat

    To connect to the vnc server execute the "vncclient.bat" file and
    for a password.

For the sites who were unable to attend last weeks cruise we will:

1. Test AG Audio and Video.

2. Test Distributed PowerPoint
    - Distributed PowerPoint Server: agdisplay.osc.edu
    - PowerPoint slides:
    - OSC will be the master.

3.  Test backup channel telephone conference.
    - Conference call number: 614-292-6666
      Press 1 to attend the meeting.  Enter the meeting I.D.
      number followed by the # sign (1520#).
    - OSC will bridge the conference call to the AG.
    - All other sites should be prepared to switch between the
      teleconference only preset and the AG only preset on their



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