[AG-TECH] Reservations

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 27 15:39:56 CDT 2001


Please realize that our AG reservations have been streamlined by Bob Olson, 
however, it is not yet fully automated.  The flow of requests still come to 
me via email for posting and I will announce them after they are on the 
schedule.  Please provide your reservations at least a day before the event 
if possible to assure I can post and assign(reassign) them in time.  I 
often receive very late entries just minutes or hours beforehand.  While 
there is always a need for last minute reservations, it would help to try 
sending as soon as you can to ag-reservations.  Also, as Bob mentioned, 
there is no mechanism to check for conflicts so please check the calendar 
before specifically chosing a venue.  Thanks for your help :)

Mary Fritsch

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