[Fwd: [AG-TECH] help Ospray 200 on Dell Precision 420 problem]

Russ Wolf russ at bu.edu
Wed Jun 27 10:46:56 CDT 2001


do you kow which (manufacturer model) motherboard you have in this
precision 420 ?  Dell has used a bunch in this model system.  PCI slots
behave wierd on some motherboards depending on how they actually set
them up - often they share resources so you have to get the cards in the
right combination positions to make things work.  

I would suggest using one card move it from slot to slot until you
confirm that at least a single slot works/dosent work then try a card
different from the osprey - like a hauppague or another capture card -
compare results.

	-Russ 'the hardware dective' Wolf
	 Boston University

lujian wrote:
> Hi,
>         I installed 3 Ospray 200 video cards  on my Dell precision 420.
>         3 VIC works, and can capture 3 video sources.
>         But the VICs does not work long on that machine, in 2~3 minutes, the 3 VIC crashed one by one.
>         And I try just one Ospray, the same result: in a few minutes VIC crashed.
>         But when I install the Ospray 200 on other kind machines, the VIC does not crash( from 1 card to 3 card, they all works ok).
>     I even reinstalled W2k on that DEll precision 420, it didn't help.
>         I heard Dell Precision 420 may have trouble on the last PCI slot, but I didn't use the last PCI slot.
>         The OS of all machines are W2k with SP2.
>     Has anyone ever installed Ospray 200 on Dell 420 workstation?
>         Thanks a lot!

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