[AG-TECH] Cruises

Terry Disz disz at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jun 25 14:39:56 CDT 2001

Hello all,

We are planning to start SCGlobal test cruises next week and we need your
help. The last call for volunteers for help with these cruises netted only 2
people and I know the AG community can do better than that

There are about 15 international sites, and an equal number of US based
sites that have expressed an interest in participating in SCGlobal this
November at SC2001 in Denver. These sites are building Access Grid nodes,
but the  majority  have not have the benefit of tutorials nor of the
nano-cruises that many of you participated in when preparing for the
Chatauquas or the PACS tutorials or other events.

We need experienced people to volunteer to help these new sites get their
Access Grid nodes up and running when we start these test cruises next week.
We will publish a schedule for cruises two or three times a week, and we
really need you to help cover these early cruises when sites come on-line
and need help balancing their audio, or making that darn echo go away and
all the other fun stuff we practice. Because of the time zone problem, some
of the cruises will be at times that are inconvenient to US sites so we will
be asking people to sometimes spend an hour or two at odd times in order to
help people out. If you normally work second or third shift, let me know.

One of the cool side benefits of the activity is that you may get to chat
with folks in The Netherlands, England, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, Japan,
Australia, Canada and of course, new sites here in the US just getting

Please respond as soon as possible about your willingness and availability
to help out. You are qualified if you have survived a Chautauqua, tutorial,
site visit or any other of the high profile events held on the AG over the
last two years.

So, don't make me name names and make phone calls, volunteer now, the AG
needs you.

Thanks very much,


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