[AG-TECH] reservation

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Mon Jun 25 09:28:33 CDT 2001

Hi Mary,

Please reserve the Jack Frost room on Tuesday, June 26 from 10:30-noon MDT 
(that's 12:30 - 2:00pm EST) for a demo here at LANL. It would be nice to 
have some other remote site participation, so we invite any sites to just 
park your nodes here!! The actual demo is at 11:00, but we'll test at 10:30.


Cindy Sievers		Los Alamos National Laboratory
sievers at lanl.gov	Group CCS-1 MS B287
tel:505.665.6602	Advanced Computing
fax:505.665.4939	Los Alamos, NM  87544


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