[AG-TECH] Temporary Node Location Advice

Marty Hoag Marty_Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Fri Jun 15 17:33:59 CDT 2001

   We have a group on campus that is very excited about using the
Access Grid for a "First Virtual Conference on Genomics and 
Bioinformatics", probably during a couple days in mid-October, 2001. 
They recently had a one hour presentation on some microarray 
equipment and were impressed with the ability for interaction. 
They have several well known scientists in the field lined up and will 
also be calling for peer reviewed talks and perhaps even do virtual
post sessions.  They are considering allowing presenters to present 
from remote locations as well as locally (assuming other nodes are 
interested in participating ;-).

   We have participated in several events like this and I know they
are a lot of work.  Besides the normal organizational issues we would
have to move our node to the location or build or borrow a portable 

   I found good presentations by Jennifer and Russ on the ANL 
workshop pages on roles and things to know.  But if others of you 
have suggestions, have portable nodes you'd be willing to lend, rent,
or share pictures and designs of, etc. please let me know or point me 
to a relevant URL. 

   As far as handling remote audiences I think the easiest thing to do
would be for each location to have a local arrangements web site which
is linked from a central site for the event (I know OSC has used this 
technique for a couple events).  Does that work ok?  Any hints on 
making that easier?

   Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated (including "get
your head examined" ;-).

   I will post a virtual venue registration request once we know the 
exact dates but if any of you are particularly interested in this topic
feel free to drop me a note.

   Thanks!   Marty

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