[AG-TECH] A little RAT help ...

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 12 12:39:30 CDT 2001

can you send me the output of

         cat /dev/sndstat

? Please also try

         setenv OSS_IS_AC97 1

before running rat at the command line. If that helps, let me know and I'll 
make it the default for that card.

At 10:00 AM 6/12/2001 -0700, Randy Groves wrote:
>I've finally got my setup put together - with all the equipment in 
>place.  I still don't have multicast transmit working, but I hope that 
>this will come together in the next few days.
>What I'm working on now is getting my audio box to work.
>I'm using the 0511 image of RedHat 6.2.  I've got a Soundblaster Live! 
>MP3+ sound card (hey, it was what we had on hand ...).
>I've been poking around trying to find the configuration options to change 
>what I think is wrong, but so far, no luck.  I am using the RAT reflector 
>to work on this.
>Here's what I THINK is going on.
>My sound card seems to be configured with the MIC record on in the 
>mixer.  I have verified this by attaching a mike to the mic input and I 
>get great response.  If I look in the 'Audio' settings on the RAT, what I 
>see as a device is:
>-\x12@ -\x12 at Live STAC972
>I am extrapolating here, but if I run ossmix with the -D option, I see:
>  case [9:34am]: 121 # ./ossmix -D
>  0:
>Device root 'AC97' / SB Live (STAC9721)
>  1: Group: 'vol', parent=0
>  2: Stereo slider: '', parent=1, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x3232
>  3: Group: 'pcm', parent=0
>  4: Stereo slider: '', parent=3, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4c4c
>  5: Group: 'speaker', parent=0
>  6: Mono slider: '', parent=5, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4c4c
>  7: Group: 'line', parent=0
>  8: Stereo slider: '', parent=7, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x2020
>  9: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=7, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
>10: Group: 'mic', parent=0
>11: Mono slider: '', parent=10, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0505
>12: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=10, flags=3  Current value=1 (ON)
>13: Group: 'cd', parent=0
>14: Stereo slider: '', parent=13, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4b4b
>15: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=13, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
>16: Group: 'rec', parent=0
>17: Stereo slider: '', parent=16, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x5858
>18: Group: 'igain', parent=0
>19: Stereo slider: '', parent=18, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4b4b
>20: Group: 'line1', parent=0
>21: Stereo slider: '', parent=20, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x6464
>22: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=20, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
>23: Group: 'phin', parent=0
>24: Stereo slider: '', parent=23, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
>25: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=23, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
>26: Group: 'video', parent=0
>27: Stereo slider: '', parent=26, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
>28: Group: 'depth', parent=0
>29: Mono slider: '', parent=28, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
>30: ******* Extension entries ********
>I am assuming that the 'x12' and the number 12 above are the same thing.
>Now, I can run ossmix or ossxmix and turn the mic.rec off and the line.rec 
>on, but it stays that way only until the RAT runs, and then it gets reset 
>back to mic.rec ON.
>So, somewhere there is a configuration option that I'm missing.  Does 
>anyone have any experience using the Live! cards?
>Thanks much!!

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