[AG-TECH] A little RAT help ...

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Tue Jun 12 12:00:07 CDT 2001

I've finally got my setup put together - with all the equipment in 
place.  I still don't have multicast transmit working, but I hope that this 
will come together in the next few days.

What I'm working on now is getting my audio box to work.

I'm using the 0511 image of RedHat 6.2.  I've got a Soundblaster Live! MP3+ 
sound card (hey, it was what we had on hand ...).

I've been poking around trying to find the configuration options to change 
what I think is wrong, but so far, no luck.  I am using the RAT reflector 
to work on this.

Here's what I THINK is going on.

My sound card seems to be configured with the MIC record on in the 
mixer.  I have verified this by attaching a mike to the mic input and I get 
great response.  If I look in the 'Audio' settings on the RAT, what I see 
as a device is:

-\x12@ -\x12 at Live STAC972

I am extrapolating here, but if I run ossmix with the -D option, I see:

  case [9:34am]: 121 # ./ossmix -D
Device root 'AC97' / SB Live (STAC9721)
  1: Group: 'vol', parent=0
  2: Stereo slider: '', parent=1, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x3232
  3: Group: 'pcm', parent=0
  4: Stereo slider: '', parent=3, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4c4c
  5: Group: 'speaker', parent=0
  6: Mono slider: '', parent=5, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4c4c
  7: Group: 'line', parent=0
  8: Stereo slider: '', parent=7, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x2020
  9: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=7, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
10: Group: 'mic', parent=0
11: Mono slider: '', parent=10, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0505
12: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=10, flags=3  Current value=1 (ON)
13: Group: 'cd', parent=0
14: Stereo slider: '', parent=13, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4b4b
15: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=13, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
16: Group: 'rec', parent=0
17: Stereo slider: '', parent=16, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x5858
18: Group: 'igain', parent=0
19: Stereo slider: '', parent=18, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x4b4b
20: Group: 'line1', parent=0
21: Stereo slider: '', parent=20, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x6464
22: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=20, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
23: Group: 'phin', parent=0
24: Stereo slider: '', parent=23, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
25: On/off switch: 'REC', parent=23, flags=3  Current value=0 (OFF)
26: Group: 'video', parent=0
27: Stereo slider: '', parent=26, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
28: Group: 'depth', parent=0
29: Mono slider: '', parent=28, max=100, flags=3  Current value=0x0000
30: ******* Extension entries ********

I am assuming that the 'x12' and the number 12 above are the same thing.

Now, I can run ossmix or ossxmix and turn the mic.rec off and the line.rec 
on, but it stays that way only until the RAT runs, and then it gets reset 
back to mic.rec ON.

So, somewhere there is a configuration option that I'm missing.  Does 
anyone have any experience using the Live! cards?

Thanks much!!


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