[AG-TECH] Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE) working group

Michael E. Papka papka at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Jun 10 22:11:42 CDT 2001

******************** Announcement ************************
The next meeting of the Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACE) working
group will occur at next Global Grid Forum meeting July 15 - 18, in Vienna,
Virginia (http://www.globalgridforum.org/Meetings/GGF2) this is a community
effort and all are invited to participate.

As part of the Global Grid Forum (http://www.globalgridforum.org/); a
community-initiated forum of individual researchers and practitioners
working on distributed computing, or "grid" technologies; a working group is
being organized on Advanced Collaborative Environments
(http://calder.ncsa.uiuc.edu/ACE-grid/) to address the issues and
requirements of the collaborative environments area within the larger "grid"
community. The goals of the ACE working group are:

* provide a venue at which researchers can share late-breaking ideas and
* encourage information and code sharing by proposing and publishing
strategies for interoperability.
* formalize human factors techniques for optimal operation of interactive,
collaborative, immersive and ubiquitous environments.
* provide a systematic process through which researchers may contribute
their work to the community.
* identify future areas of research that will be important to the continuing
advance of the Grid.

and applied to the following domains:

- Collaboration Environments - Access Grid, Access Grid Augmented Virtual
Environments (AGAVE)
- Tele-Immersion - CAVE, IDesks, Tiled Displays, auto stereoscopic displays,
software frameworks
- Distributed Realtime Visualization - crossplatform, cross cluster scene
graph libraries, parallel rendering techniques, video and display list
- Computational Steering - software frameworks
- Collaborative Gaming - things we can learn from realtime online games and
- Ubiquitous Computing - paradigms for VR to desktop to laptop to PDA
collaboration and other human-in-the-loop Grid applications

For more information on the ACE working group please contact:

Jason Leigh (spiff at evl.uic.edu)
Rick Stevens (stevens at mcs.anl.gov)
Mike Papka (papka at mcs.anl.gov)

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