[AG-TECH] Scroll bars on video tool?

Chris Geddings cegeddin at colltech.com
Wed Jun 6 07:36:46 CDT 2001

This looks really neat.  It really would simplify window management,
especially with a large number of participants.  

Does the version of vic this is based on include the direct draw
that makes the ddvic so much more efficient than the straight vic on 


lujian wrote:
> We have a partial solution to VIC scrollbar function.
> We developed an intergrated environment tools to arrange VIC images and other tools like whiteboard,chat,WWW-sharing,etc, on multi-desktop of one machine. And we have a user-list scrollbar tool to show all the sources which are currently sending video. So we use this user-list scrollbar to choose and show the vic image that we are interested.
> the snapshot is http://www.nlsde.buaa.edu.cn/admire/snapshot/admiresnapshot-May-9.htm

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