[AG-TECH] cabling audio with gentner and mixer

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Tue Jun 5 10:55:10 CDT 2001

I don't think this is a silly question at all. It took a lot of digging with
suppliers, etc. to find out the cabling from microphone to Gentner AP400. No
one (including Gentner) seems to like a straight answer!

Could you point me to where the document ag-Cables-bob.pdf is? (I assume
it's on the AG site somewhere, but I can't find it.) It sounds useful...

By the way the cables from microphone to AP400 are female XLR to blank, i.e.
no jack (the Phoenix connector needs bare wires, as far as I understand it -
although we don't actually possess the AP400 as yet - tomorrow,

As to the other cables, I could do with some info too!

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> Dear all,
> perhaps my question is silly, but since we are going to
> define cabling and
> so on, and we still don't have the material, I would like to
> understand
> the cabling involving audio capture, gentner and mixer.
> In the doc ag-Cables-bob.pdf there is a schema showing  also
> an audio card
> on the display pc connected to the Gentner: what is it for?
> Thanks in advance,
> 	Franca
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