[AG-TECH] PHANToM workshop Tuesday and Thursday

Frances L VanScoy vanscoy at cs.wvu.edu
Mon Jun 4 15:25:15 CDT 2001

West Virginia University is hosting an NSF-funded Virtual Reality
Experience for Undergraduates site from May 29 through August 3.

Our general plan is:
	Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays-students work with faculty in
		computer science, geography, pharmacy, physics
	Tuesdays, Thursdays - 9am to noon  EDST
		***** in our Access Grid node *****
		workshop on how to use specific technology related to
			virtual environments
	Tuesdays, Thursdays - afternoons
		various activities

(1) You are invited to take part in any or all of the training sessions on
Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  This week's sessions will be on
programming the PHANToM.  http://www.sensable.com

(2) I would like for the students in the REU program to have a chance to
interact with undergraduates at other universities.  If you have
undergraduates doing VR, multimedia computing, or similar who might want
to use the Access Grid to meet with our students, please let me know.
fvanscoy at wvu.edu

(3) On Thursday, August 2, and Friday, August 3, we'll host a 2 day
research conference on Virtual Environments using the Access Grid.  This
will be an appropriate venue for presenting student papers as well as
faculty work in progress.  We intend to issue a conference proceedings
after the event on CD-ROM with multimedia files.  We'll issue an official
call for participation soon.

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