[AG-TECH] Polycom ViaVideo

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Mon Dec 17 19:48:38 CST 2001

we just got a hold of a couple of the mpeg2 Vbrick devices - which have 
tabletop mics (I think they're made by Polycom) which have built in echo 
cancellation.  I suspect they have some of the limitations you mentioned 
in large places.  I'll let you know what we find out.

Gary Refka wrote:

>We've been poking around in this area but have not tried the Polycom device
>yet but we have had success with some other devices that provide the echo
>cancellation needed.  We use these devices for the single user system that
>we offer and don't see these working in a full Access Grid environment.
>These devices just don't offer the coverage required for the large spaces
>that most nodes are in.  A Soundsation type device works but as you stated,
>only for a smaller room or area.
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>Polycom makes a USB camera with built-in audio, including echo
>cancellation. This is sold as an H.323 device, but I was just curious
>if anyone might be experimenting with this in an mbone/AG context?
>With the built-in echo cancellation, it seems like it might be a
>convenient device to use in "personal AG" nodes or similar small
>setups. But I'm not optimistic, since I've seen nothing to suggest a
>"software developers kit" or any APIs that might allow you to get at
>the raw data streams.  Nor has web searching turned up any indication
>of people messing around with these (i.e. nothing about Linux drivers,
>Is anyone experimenting with less expensive audio techniques (echo
>cancellation) that might be suitable for small sites?  For example, it
>seems to me that a good full-duplex conferencing telephone
>(i.e. Polycom SoundStation) with a QuickJack card or something similar
>might work.
>Just curious.
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