[AG-TECH] Readiness

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 12 18:20:22 CST 2001

Just some friendly suggestions to the AG Community :)

--Before you setup, run and include an audience in your event, please make
sure your site has tested smoothly several times.  Feel free to
solicit participation and schedule time for testing prior to any
attended meeting. With so many sites, with so many deadlines, I know sites
are anxiousness to get"on the grid."  However, testing your site is
imperative.  Troubleshooting can be done by communications through tech
and networking support mailing list.  This will help to maintain the 
integrity of the Access Grid.

Don't forget about the many guides and tutorials at:

--Also, when your site reserves a venue on the AG, please provide as
much information as possible to be posted for your event.  Participants
should be well aware of dppt servers, downloads, telco numbers, etc.
Coordination is key.

--Finally, please return your node to the AG Lobby after every event.
Currently there are sites parked in almost every venue.  Take a look where 
you are parked, and make sure you are exiting fully.

Thanks everyone.

Mary Fritsch
Access Grid Support Coordinator
Argonne National Laboratory

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