[AG-TECH] Re: mjpeg test

Lloyd Lim lim at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 11 09:41:21 CST 2001

On Tuesday 11 December 2001 07:32 am, Bob Riddle wrote:
>hmmm ... I see it on my latop & AG display node - though I'm on the
> same network segment.  The tests I've down with Surfnet using this
> mjpeg video capture machine have worked well - though we've used the
> mjpeg capture client at each end.  But still, it means the mcast
> traffic has traversed the network.
>Are you sure its the openmash 5.1.6 vic you're running?  Whe i start
> it (.\vic I see a thumbnail with
> "delco1.internet2.edu" immediately.

Bob & Bob  (this gets confusing...  :)

I launched a vic at the address above and I don't see a "delco1" stream 

I know I'm using a Mash vic.  :)

Lloyd Lim   <lim at bmrc.berkeley.edu>
Open Mash   <http://www.openmash.org/>

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