[AG-TECH] Education on the AG

Luc Renambot renambot at cs.vu.nl
Tue Dec 11 09:26:02 CST 2001


Since our AG node is officially open, we would like to experiment with it.
One aspect is "Education".

We would like to chart the use of the AccessGrid in an educational context.
One of the potential topics is visualization. We would like to see if
we can run a distributed class and et students to work on the AccessGrid on
assignments. We use OpenDX as software package and have quite some
material developed for this. If you other suggestions, please let us know.
Education conctact : Hans Spoelder hs at nat.vu.nl

On the technical side, we run OpenDX on a fast machine (dual-athlon)
on a VNC server. A first test would be to let remote sites to
connect to that server (in "viewonly") and see if the bandwidth/latency
are tolerable. We use a special version of VNC, so called Tight VNC,
which offers much more protocol options (local mouse, JPEG compression,
for instance) to speed up the communication. It should be backward
compatible with regular VNC.

Tight VNC :
Windows install :

Drop me a line if you are interested, I'll send you the machine
name and the password.

Luc Renambot
Mail: renambot at cs.vu.nl  - Web : http://www.cs.vu.nl/~renambot/vr
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