Mustafa Varank varank at csit.fsu.edu
Mon Dec 17 07:11:20 CST 2001

Thank you for the advices but XAP 800 does look different. There are 
processors ( no sub?) on XAP800 and you should set "EC Reference and PA" 
differently. Even i tried to set it, it did not work...I am doing something 
wrong but i could not find...
Could you please tell me also where did you put speakers on your sample 
matrix picture?
I will be waiting to see the updated web site...

At 03:26 PM 12/16/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>I have been working on creating a more up-to-date Gentner configuration
>document, so I will attach an image from the document that will eventually
>appear in the AGDP.
>I am not sure how ifferent the XAP 800 is from an AP 400, but I would
>imagine that the echo cancellation should be similar.
>In the matrix, notice that Output D is labeled "Ghost Output".  This
>output, which should have nothing connected to it physically, will be used
>in echo cancellation.  This is demonstrated by looking at the bottom of
>the image where you will select which output to serve as echo
>You want to echo cancel anything that would come out of your speakers so
>that the Gentner does not think that this is regular audio going into the
>mics (or something like that...I am not a complete expert on this audio
>stuff).  Specifically, this would be sound from your telco and audio from
>the AG.  The AG sound should be entering an input, and the sound from the
>telco should be "Telco in".
>Create a crosspoint on the "Ghost Output" and the AG audio in row (RX from
>AG) and the "Telco In" row.
>In the "Echo Cancellation Setup", select the output channel that
>corresponds to the output designated as the "Ghost Output".  Please note
>that the scenario described above is for the net-telco preset (preset 1).
>For preset 2 (concerning the "Ghost Output" only and not the other mics,
>inputs, outputs, an stuff), only have the telco crosspoint set in the
>"Ghost Ouput" column.  For preset 3, only have the RX from AG (or whatever
>you named that input that receives audio from the AG) crosspoint set in
>the "Ghost Output" column.
>Also as far as general guidelines, make sure that your gain is not set too
>high on the mics or this will cause echo.  Aditionally, make sure that
>your mics are not too close to the speakers or else you may have echo
>Best of luck in figuring this problem out.
>On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Mustafa Varank wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Can anybody send me some suggestions about how to set echo cancellation on
> > XAP 800? I am having hard time to figure it out. And if you can send it
> > today or  early monday morning that would be great...
> > Thanks
> >

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