[AG-TECH] Polycom ViaVideo

David E. Bernholdt bernhold at jumby.csm.ornl.gov
Sun Dec 16 13:21:59 CST 2001

Polycom makes a USB camera with built-in audio, including echo
cancellation. This is sold as an H.323 device, but I was just curious
if anyone might be experimenting with this in an mbone/AG context?

With the built-in echo cancellation, it seems like it might be a
convenient device to use in "personal AG" nodes or similar small
setups. But I'm not optimistic, since I've seen nothing to suggest a
"software developers kit" or any APIs that might allow you to get at
the raw data streams.  Nor has web searching turned up any indication
of people messing around with these (i.e. nothing about Linux drivers,

Is anyone experimenting with less expensive audio techniques (echo
cancellation) that might be suitable for small sites?  For example, it
seems to me that a good full-duplex conferencing telephone
(i.e. Polycom SoundStation) with a QuickJack card or something similar
might work.

Just curious.
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