Jeffrey Eschbach Jeffrey_Eschbach-CJE018 at email.mot.com
Fri Dec 14 15:32:21 CST 2001

For those interested in using the iPAQ with AG nodes, or at least
with VIC and RAT, we've posted some information on our web site
at Motorola Labs.  For the past few months we've been working to
get a wireless, mobile platform for work with the AG node.  We
chose an iPAQ with a dual-slot PC Card adapter pack to accommodate
an 802.11 card and camera card.  We managed to load Linux,
send/receive audio with RAT, and receive video on VIC... technical
info on this iPAQ configuration is posted on our site:


The site has "How To" info for configuring the iPAQ, and has a 
couple of videos we used to demonstrate the platform in use.
Recently we also managed to receive video using PC Card cameras,
and we plan to post info on this soon.  

Kabe VanderBann (working closely with some folks outside of Mot)
did most of the work within Motorola Labs on this, so direct any
questions his way...  kabev at motorola.com

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