[AG-TECH] mjpeg test

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Tue Dec 11 08:54:46 CST 2001

I've set up a mjpeg test in the AG Test Room.  Its a pretty ratty stream, only 
5 mbps using CIF format but it's a test of the stuff I've gloomed together.  In 
order to run a hogher rate in NTSC format I need to build the openmash vic from 
CVS - something I haven;t had a chance to do as yet.

Anyway, to see if you can see anything:

Download the openmash vic for windows on your display machine (www.openmash.org)
get your AG display node into the AG test room.

Kill the AG vic window.

open a cmd (DOS-like) window and star the openmash vic ".\vic"

Let me know what you see, think, etc.

I hope to have the necessary vic ready for a 10mbps test next Tuesday morning.

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