[AG-TECH] audio

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Fri Dec 7 09:58:15 CST 2001


Although I am not an expert on these matters, here might be a few things
to check out until you have a more definitive answer from more
knowledgeable people:

- First, you might want to check that the Talk side of RAT is set to
Line-In and not Microphone, unless your setup is different.  

- Another thing that you may need to do is install the Open SoundSource
license.  It is my understanding that you need that.  You may have
installed the OSS license successfully, but you may need a more permanent
lkicense installed.  If you do not have permanent license, your sound
might not work after 3 hours.

- If nothing else soundcfg (or something by that name) is a sound
configuration program for Linux.  It may work for you, but it could also
cause problems.  Use your own judgement.

Again, consider this an early response.  But for more complicated
cases, I would wait for later responses.  You might also want to schedule
a testing session with a site in order to get some interactive help.
Also, try going to the AG Venues MUD and ask questions in the Meadow.  You
may get more prompt answers there.  Also, you could check the AG-TECH
archive at

Best of luck.


On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Jonathan C. Humfrey wrote: 

> Can anyone tell me how to configure sound cards in Linux?  I have a live
> signal into the sound card but nothing is getting through RAT, there are
> no levels on the meter.  I am getting sound coming through the input and
> out the output but no sound is transmitting.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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