[AG-TECH] Weekly SCG Constellation Site Nanocruises

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Aug 27 18:02:47 CDT 2001

Bob - should be over long before 0800 Alaska Time.

Let me take this opportunity to let you all know that Mary
informed me today that we'll have a GUEST SPEAKER on 
Tuesday!!!!!  The one and only Bill Nickless will 
apparently be on the AG during the cruise!!

Mary also wanted to ensure that we'd have enough time to
get status reports from the various sites, etc.

So, I'll let everyone take care of the "official" business
first then, for those who are interested and can still hang
out, I'll be glad to run through VNC real quickly.


Bob Huebert wrote:
> I see that this begins at 600 AST, but don't see a duration. For how
> long do I need to schedule our facilites?
> -bob
> At 10:19 AM -0600 8/26/01, Don Morton wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >U. Montana will lead this Tuesday's (28 August) SCG Constellation
> >Site Nanocruise.
> >
> >Tuesday, August 28
> >1400 UTC
> >1000 Jennifer Teig von Hoffman Daylight Time (Eastern)
> >0900 Argonne/Marty Hoag Daylight Time (Central)
> >0800 U. Montana / Northwest Territories Daylight Time (Mountain)
> >0700 Boeing/LLNL/Yukon Daylight Time (Pacific)
> >0600 Fairbanks Daylight Time (Alaska)
> >
> >Virtual Venue - Talus
> >
> >Because I believe we're now all experts in the use of distributed
> >power point, I'm going to try something new - VNC - Virtual Network
> >Computing.  This tool allows one to display and/or share desktops
> >across the Internet.  I don't "think" it's a part of the standard
> >AG distribution, but I might be wrong.  It's listed under AG software,
> >and there is an AGDP document on it.  Information and source/binaries
> >available at
> >
> >http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/
> >
> >I would recommend that you make sure you have VNC viewer installed on
> >your display machine before trying this on Tuesday.
> >
> >I will "serve" a desktop here from our local Beowulf supercomputer.
> >
> >Thanks to Liam Forbes at Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, I
> >was recently made aware of a patch to the Unix source for VNC
> >which allows one to assign two passwords to "vncserver" - a "full-access"
> >password which allows remote users to share the keyboard and mouse, and
> >a "display-only" password which will allow remote clients to only "view"
> >the desktop.  For those who might be interested, the patch is available
> >at
> >
> >http://minnie.tuhs.org/Programs/VNC_bits/index.html
> >
> >The patch is apparently against VNC 3.3.3r1, and the latest source
> >is VNC 3.3.3r2.  I applied the patch anyway, and it only bombed
> >in one place, and it was easy enough to make that one change by
> >hand (simply adding one line to a file) and compile new executables.
> >
> >However, let me emphasise that if you're only interested in "viewing" remote
> >desktops, this patch isn't necessary - all you need is "vncviewer."
> >Even if you want to "serve" your desktop, you don't "need" this patch,
> >but without various tricks, remote clients are able to control keyboard
> >and mouse of YOUR machine.  The Windows vncviewer has an option that
> >allows users to specify that they only want "display" access, but
> >as a server, you're "trusting" all other users to do this.  Even
> >if remote users aren't malicious, they'll often drag their mouse across
> >their remote display, which messes you up if you're giving a demo.
> >So, this patch tends to solve such problems, putting access control
> >in the hands of the server.
> >
> >When you launch vncviewer, you're asked for a server name / display
> >number, and a password.  I'll provide the server name / display number
> >over the mud, and I'll provide the read-only password over the mud.
> >
> >FYI - VNC is a tool that supplements AG usage.  It wasn't designed for
> >the AG (in fact, it's been around for a good 5 years now), but can
> >nicely augment AG sessions.  I've found VNC to be useful off of the
> >AG, just using it to share desktops across geographically distributed
> >space along with a telephone call.
> >
> >See you all on Tuesday!
> >
> >Don
> >
> >
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