[AG-TECH] Weekly SCG Constellation Site Nanocruises

Bob Huebert huebert at arsc.edu
Mon Aug 27 18:01:56 CDT 2001

I see that this begins at 600 AST, but don't see a duration. For how 
long do I need to schedule our facilites?


At 10:19 AM -0600 8/26/01, Don Morton wrote:
>U. Montana will lead this Tuesday's (28 August) SCG Constellation
>Site Nanocruise.
>Tuesday, August 28
>1400 UTC
>1000 Jennifer Teig von Hoffman Daylight Time (Eastern)
>0900 Argonne/Marty Hoag Daylight Time (Central)
>0800 U. Montana / Northwest Territories Daylight Time (Mountain)
>0700 Boeing/LLNL/Yukon Daylight Time (Pacific)
>0600 Fairbanks Daylight Time (Alaska)
>Virtual Venue - Talus
>Because I believe we're now all experts in the use of distributed
>power point, I'm going to try something new - VNC - Virtual Network
>Computing.  This tool allows one to display and/or share desktops
>across the Internet.  I don't "think" it's a part of the standard
>AG distribution, but I might be wrong.  It's listed under AG software,
>and there is an AGDP document on it.  Information and source/binaries
>available at
>I would recommend that you make sure you have VNC viewer installed on
>your display machine before trying this on Tuesday.
>I will "serve" a desktop here from our local Beowulf supercomputer.
>Thanks to Liam Forbes at Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, I
>was recently made aware of a patch to the Unix source for VNC
>which allows one to assign two passwords to "vncserver" - a "full-access"
>password which allows remote users to share the keyboard and mouse, and
>a "display-only" password which will allow remote clients to only "view"
>the desktop.  For those who might be interested, the patch is available
>The patch is apparently against VNC 3.3.3r1, and the latest source
>is VNC 3.3.3r2.  I applied the patch anyway, and it only bombed
>in one place, and it was easy enough to make that one change by
>hand (simply adding one line to a file) and compile new executables.
>However, let me emphasise that if you're only interested in "viewing" remote
>desktops, this patch isn't necessary - all you need is "vncviewer." 
>Even if you want to "serve" your desktop, you don't "need" this patch,
>but without various tricks, remote clients are able to control keyboard
>and mouse of YOUR machine.  The Windows vncviewer has an option that
>allows users to specify that they only want "display" access, but
>as a server, you're "trusting" all other users to do this.  Even
>if remote users aren't malicious, they'll often drag their mouse across
>their remote display, which messes you up if you're giving a demo.
>So, this patch tends to solve such problems, putting access control
>in the hands of the server.
>When you launch vncviewer, you're asked for a server name / display
>number, and a password.  I'll provide the server name / display number
>over the mud, and I'll provide the read-only password over the mud.
>FYI - VNC is a tool that supplements AG usage.  It wasn't designed for
>the AG (in fact, it's been around for a good 5 years now), but can
>nicely augment AG sessions.  I've found VNC to be useful off of the
>AG, just using it to share desktops across geographically distributed
>space along with a telephone call.
>See you all on Tuesday!
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