[AG-TECH] Logging on to Virtual Venues via the bridge

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Tue Aug 21 11:38:51 CDT 2001

In the AGDP document "How to Use the Multi-Session Bridge to Connect to
Virtual Venues Rooms", there is a command line for vtc:

vtc room-audio-video adddress-of-bridge-machine password
e.g. vtc AccessGridLobbyvideo bridge-1.accessgrid.org password

Please can someone post a full list for room-audio-video (i.e. for every
Virtual Venue)? Obviously, the lobby is AccessGridLobbyvideo, but what are
they for other rooms? I managed to work out the one for Talus, but it seems
not all the rooms follow the same convention and I wasn't able to work out
the one for the test room.

I guess this would be useful in the document too.

Thanks in advance,

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