Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Aug 20 18:42:52 CDT 2001

Mary Fritsch wrote:

> Tuesday, August 21
> 6:00PM MOUNTAIN (UNM, UMontana, UUtah, NCAR)
> 8:00PM EASTERN (Boston, UFlorida, FIU, UKentucky, Being, West Virginia)
> 8:00AM (China)
> 9:00AM (Japan,Korea)
> 10:00AM (Australia)
> Virtual Venue - Talus
> Time Zone Leader - Don Morton  Leading from University of Montana
> Pass code is 15873
> Domestic Dialin is 1-800-857-0361
> International Dialin is 1-630-395-0304

All, Jeremy Sauer will be our node operator for the International
Cruise - I'll just be hanging around making a pest of myself :)

I'll plan on having some PPT slides to show so everybody can get
up to speed on running dppt clients.  I'll give out dppt server
info on the mud during the cruise (partly in an effort to get
people to pay more attention to the mud, and partly to cover the
fact that I'm not sure exactly what server we'll be using yet :).

I would recommend that if you haven't tried telco before, that you
give it a try.  However, it's quite useful for you to test your
telco setup beforehand - I've found that just using a cell phone
allows me to practise dialing out from the Gentner to the cell phone,
making sure that when I speak into the cell phone, the audio comes out
on the speakers, and when I talk into the microphones, I can hear it
received by the cell phone.  If you do that much, I think you've
done a "reasonable" check of your audio and are then prepared to
try a telco connection during one of these cruises.  

Will there be any experience operators at the International Cruise willing
to run the telco bridge (preset 1)?  I've done it before, but recent
tests haven't been "real" successful and if someone more knowledgeable
than I is around to do it, it would be much appreciated :)

We're leading the domestic cruise on 28 August, and my hope is to have
a VNC server running, allowing attendees to attach VNC clients.  So,
if you're interested in giving this a try, please be sure that you
have VNC installed (preferably on your Display machine so that you can
put the window up on your screen).

OK, so I guess I'm going to send this off and many of us will get at least 4
of this message :) :) :)

Happy Trails,


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