[AG-TECH] AG demonstration ideas

Wenjun Liu wliu at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 16 14:22:20 CDT 2001

I do not have experience demonstrating a new node to important people. But
we just set up a new node and we are ready to show just like you. My testing
demonstration told me the best way to make the node interesting to concerned
people is to arrange a real meeting with your newly built node. In a real
meeting, people are more likely to concentrate longer and fascinated by this
new technology. Any demonstration is only good for a few minutes with people
possibly saying silly things.


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> To open our AG node (the first in the UK!), we may well be having someone
> very important to do the unveiling. I won't mention who there is in mind,
> because obviously nothing's been confirmed (probably not the Queen,
> At the opening, we will want to demonstrate our node. I guess other people
> must have been in similar situations and so I was wondering what others
> done. Something that looks impressive, shows how much better AG is than
> standard video conferencing and is pretty reliable (i.e. it'll work) comes
> to mind.
> We might just try to get someone important from another site who is
> appropriate to our visitor, but this sounds a bit boring and anyway we
> probably try to do this too. (I'm thinking at the very least the director
> one of your institutes.)
> Ideas would be welcome...
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