[AG-TECH] concern about non plug and play OS in BIOS

Vikas Chowdhry vikas at evl.uic.edu
Thu Aug 16 13:31:48 CDT 2001

Jay had a concern about EVL setting up non plug and play OS to no for
installing the PCI and AGP display cards simultaneously. I got these
settings from the Matrox site.

In your bios, be sure that USB is enabled, PNP OS set to NO, Assign IRQ to
VGA enabled and AGP aperture size set to 256 or the highest. Also the VGA
boot sequency should be set to AGP first.
Matrox Graphics
Technical Support
Hardware group

I do not know why they want to do that. Though I agree with Jay that Win2k
can in general can do a better job of IRQ assignment. 



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