[AG-TECH] RH 7.1 and video instability

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Aug 14 13:06:17 CDT 2001

That's been a niggling worry of mine with 7.1, especially since I've not 
run a 7.1 node in-house here. I hope to install 7.1 on our PortaAG node and 
see what happens. (I tried some short-term tests that turned out okay, but 
not really any heavy use).

What hardware are you running with?


At 10:59 AM 8/14/2001 -0700, Wesley Lau (DSD student -DAA) wrote:
>I upgraded my ag node to RH 7.1, and while the audio machine works fine
>(after a few driver issues), the video machine is quite unstable.  After a
>fresh install, it works for a while then completely freezes up, requiring
>a hard reboot.  After that, the video box freezes up everytime I enter the
>Lobby, no matter how many reboots.  Anyone know why and are there any
>solutions?  I think I'll have to downgrade to the 6.2 iso.
>Wesley Lau

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