Rat to try for Ensoniq AudioPCI users (ES1371 based)

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 31 15:22:09 CST 2000

For those of you (George Estes at NCSA is one I know of) using the 
es1371-based PCI128 cards with the latest OSS drivers, and are getting 
igain assertion failures, try out this rat:


You'll need to do this:

	tar xzfp rat-4.2.9-linux.tar.gz
	export PATH=${PATH}:.
	rat-4.2.9 -t 127 address/port

(If you use tcsh or csh replace the export line with the following)

	setenv PATH ${PATH}:.

It's compiled with debugging, so is pretty wordy. If you have problems 
please send me all of the debug output.


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