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Mon Oct 30 14:43:07 CST 2000


For part of our demo tomorrow for the Carle Clinic we would like to show a
remote viz app.
We have a special version of vic that can be used to control a vtk
application running here at Argonne.
It works by capturing mouse activity in the vic window and sending it back
to an SGI running the vtk application. The sample data set we are using is a
head case (you'll see).

To see this demo, you will need to have a special version of vic obtainable
from this url:

download either the DirectDraw or the NoDirectDraw version depending on
whether you are running W2k (DD version) or NT (No DD).

Extract it into a any directory that does *not*  already have a copy of vic
in it. I use \temp. Run the resulting batch file to run the demo. It will
start up the special version of vic and connect to the viz video stream. It
should only take you a couple minutes to download and run it. You can
manipulate the image with your mouse as follows:

remote-viz controls:
l-click: rotate
m-click: pan
r-click: zoom (Move the cursor up in the frame to bring the image  closer,
down to move it away)
control-R reset view
control-U trigger re-isosurface

The app is running now so you can try it. Do not attempt this from your
laptop or a poorly connected machine. There is no floor control, so we all
can fight for control at once. During the demo, we will start here and hand
off control verbally to one of the sites with medicos and they can hand it
off elsewhere then. There will not be much time, but it is sort of  cool to
be able to do it so we will try.

I would like to have a group test of this tomorrow morning during the node
op setup time from 11 to 12:00.

If it doesn't work well having others control it, we will revert to just
controlling it ourselves, but you must have the special vic to see it (this
especially means those sites with medical people present).

See y'all tomorrow,


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