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Thu Oct 26 08:20:33 CDT 2000

The Walltalker comes 5 foot wide and you order it in the length you 
need.  We use it in two nodes here at NCSA.  We have not had any problems 
with erasing it, to this point.

At 05:33 PM 10/25/00 -0600, Don Morton wrote:
>"Mark D. Johnson" wrote:
> >
> > Don,
> >     We at USC are going the wallpaper route (WallTalker) to save space as
> > well as money.  The three projectors that we are going to use have 2k 
> lumens
> > each and should give a very sharp picture.   This will be similar to ANL's
> > setup we saw in September.  I feel that having one screen with the 2 or 3
> > projectors merged together will give a cleaner appearance and keep the eye
> > from focusing on one particular screen.
> > -mark
>You all bring up good points, so I'll abandon the thought of 3 small
>bargain-basement screens.  I've considered the wallpaper route myself.
>Does anybody know just how wide this wallpaper is?  Has anybody had
>any problems with it not erasing completely after being used as
>a whiteboard?
>With our small room, our projection surface will be roughly 10',
>and I anticipate projector images of roughly 3.3' x 3.3'.  So,
>hopefully two strips of the wallpaper would do the job.  Still
>haven't made a firm decision on wallpaper though.  Other possibility
>is to just buy a 10' wide screen that pulls down over an existing
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