Projection Surfaces

Mark D. Johnson mjohnson at
Wed Oct 25 19:04:53 CDT 2000

    They come in 50" and 60" widths (I believe).  I have not installed ours yet
(we got the 60" one), but I plan to never write on the surface.  I think that it
may stain the surface and I would like to keep it clean for the images.  There may
be enough space on one side to write on or we might do something like put up a
separate white board if someone really needs to write on something.

Don Morton wrote:

> "Mark D. Johnson" wrote:
> >
> > Don,
> >     We at USC are going the wallpaper route (WallTalker) to save space as
> > well as money.  The three projectors that we are going to use have 2k lumens
> > each and should give a very sharp picture.   This will be similar to ANL's
> > setup we saw in September.  I feel that having one screen with the 2 or 3
> > projectors merged together will give a cleaner appearance and keep the eye
> > from focusing on one particular screen.
> > -mark
> You all bring up good points, so I'll abandon the thought of 3 small
> bargain-basement screens.  I've considered the wallpaper route myself.
> Does anybody know just how wide this wallpaper is?  Has anybody had
> any problems with it not erasing completely after being used as
> a whiteboard?
> With our small room, our projection surface will be roughly 10',
> and I anticipate projector images of roughly 3.3' x 3.3'.  So,
> hopefully two strips of the wallpaper would do the job.  Still
> haven't made a firm decision on wallpaper though.  Other possibility
> is to just buy a 10' wide screen that pulls down over an existing
> whiteboard.
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