ACCESS needs help

Tom Coffin tcoffin at
Wed Oct 25 13:29:46 CDT 2000

At this time,
I am just asking for remote sites to give audio feedback while
I troubleshoot here. If you would like to diagnose the
failure points on this end I welcome you to come to
ACCESS and work with me to configure the system here.
I do plan to document the ACCESS av system once it is 
installed and functioning to specification.

At 11:07 AM 10/25/00 -0500, Lisa C. Childers wrote:
   >Because your equipment is differs from what is in the AG spec, it will
   >be very difficult for the AG community to help debug it.  You need to
   >publish a detailed end-to-end diagram of your setup in order for others to
   >try to diagnose the failure points.
   >On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Tom Coffin wrote:
   >> hi - I'm having a very difficult time configuring
   >> an installation (which is still in process) to the
   >> accessgrid - Please schedule time for me in 
   >> Bridgeport for this Friday 10/27 all day.
   >> Looking for remote sites to help - Please help.
   >> ___________________________________________________________
   >> Tom Coffin .......................... tcoffin at

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