SC00: Behind the Scenes at the AG?

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at
Thu Oct 19 12:34:02 CDT 2000

Hi all - -

BU would like to have a demo along the lines of "Behind the Scenes at the
Access Grid" November 6, 8-9PM Dallas (central) time. This would include a
very basic AG overview, plus a walkaround (moving camera) of the BU node
(and other nodes, if other nodes are interested in participating).

Of course, this won't be nearly as much fun if only the BU nodes are
participating (we'll have two, one @ SC and one @ BU). Are there other
nodes willing to play? A moving camera walkaround is not required, but
would be best.

Mary, please reserve the Lucky Lab for this. Thanks.

- Jennifer

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