visca cables?

Mark D. Johnson mjohnson at
Fri Oct 13 15:36:40 CDT 2000

The VISCA cable is a Sony proprietary (I believe) cable for far end camera
control.  It can run from $40 to $90.  It looks a lot like an S-Video cable
and the other end connects to a COM port on a computer or other control


JB Gallagher wrote:

> Hello all,
> Could anyone out there tell me what the "Visca cables" on the product
> list are for? There advertised at as Mac to
> PC Interconnect cables, and by the picture shown there it looks like a
> cable with a female serial connection on one end and a female PS/2
> connection at the other end. If these are absolutely essential does
> anyone know another place to get them besides blackbox?
> --Brad Gallagher
> ASCI Flash Center
> jbgallag at
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